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Obama’s 2012 Budget Proposal: How $3.7 Trillion is Spent

WI Joins Multi-State Federal Health Care Lawsuit

[The Food Safety Bill] will give Americans one of the best holiday gifts they can receive this year - the assurance the foods they are eating are safer.

Senator Tom Harkin on surprise Senate passage of the fixed Food Safety Bill

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Call your Senator to protect prevention funding!

Defend the Prevention & Public Health Fund against Oklahoma (R) Senator Tom Coburn’s attack.

Why do I care?  WI received $14 million in Federal funding for childhood obesity prevention this year.

What do I say on the phone?  The Prevention and Public Health Fund isn’t a “slush fund”, it’s essential to address childhood obesity and decrease healthcare costs in Wisconsin.

National Wildlife Federation commends Congressman Kind (WI) for introducing this legislation that will help combat obesity and improve overall health in the United States

Patrick Fitzgerald of the National Wildlife Federation following introduction of the Moving Outdoors in Nature Act (MONA) to increase outdoor physical activity.

Find out more about MONA.

Health benefits of outdoor recreation.

It’s an opportunity to really level the playing field, no matter what socioeconomic background a kid comes from. When they are in school they [can] have access – all of them – to good nutrition if we the adults provide it for them.
Rachel Ray on Child Nutrition Reauthorization